[SOLVED] Opera Mini Not Working in Spice Qt 68

Opera Mini which is the one of the best browser in the mobile phones and is also used in the windows. Different mobile phones use the opera mini of different versions. The best factor of using the opera as an mobile web browser is that it doesn't occupy the much space and consumes less memory. This makes the people easier and cheaper to use the browser from the gprs. Its is used in Android phones, windows phones and other phones like Micromax, LG, Colors, and others.
But I found the problem in the opera mini browser while opening it in the Spice phone. My friend bought the Spice Mobile few days ago and the model was Spice Qt 68. When he wants to open the opera browser it doesn't and displays the error message. The internet is accessible from the other browser from there was the problem on the opera. The wireless setting was good and we tried from the wifi network and it was not because of the slow internet and other. If you have the same problem on the opera and wants to get rid of that problem you must upgrade or download the latest version of opera which is compatible in your phones. After installing the new version of the opera you can get access to the internet.
But again if there is a problem on opening the browser just check the date and time setting of your mobile phone and make it accurate. If the data is not exact there may be problem in the browser. After doing these things you can access to the internet from the opera.

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