[DOWNLOAD] and RUN 8086 Assembler on Windows/Linux

Low level Language programming and want to write the program and run it using the emulator. But confused which is the best one emulator that can be used for the 8086 programming in Windows or Linux like Ubuntu, Fedora, Linux Mint, etc.

Here I will provide some of the ways and tips that may help you you to download, install, and run the 8085 simulator for the windows and Linux. One of the mostly used 8086 assambler made by the Microsoft is MASM and other is  NASM. NASM is considered to be one of the most popular assemblers for GNU/Linux. Turbo C compiler DOS box can also be used for the 8086 programming.

Here are some steps how you can run the DOS box and start the 8086 programming. Firstly install the Dos Box for your operating systems.
For windows you can download the Dos-box from the website and run it. Then download the 8086 Assembler which may be in zip file. The zip contains "masm.exe, tasm.exe, link.exe, bin2hex.exe, exe2bin.exe, td.exe, edit.com and debug.exe ". Then extract the file to the C:\ directory containing the above file contents.
Then you can mount the the destination and start writing the 8086 program from the Dos Box.

But for the Linux Ubuntu users you type the following code in the terminal and hit enter to download the Dos Box for the Ubuntu:
                    sudo apt-get update
             sudo apt-get install dosbox

After downloading the NASM Assembler for the linux extract the file to any destination folder and open it. You can mount as:
                     mount c /home/your extracted location

In this way you can assemble the 8086 programs using the DOSBox .
Similarly you can download and run the 8085 emulator and use it.

                                  Hope this helps..
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