[SOLVED] Facebook Chat Sidebar disappeared

Well the Facebook chat old and new interface which you like it most. Many of us like the old chat interface and some may like the new one. Nowadays the chat system in Facebook has created the problem and is frustrating the users. I have got an problem in the Chat where my sidebar has disappeared.

Minimizing the chat sidebar and a white space appeared on the side. Moreover sometimes the sidebar will be disappeared and cannot chat with the friends. I tried to solve the problem and posted in the Facebook help center and didn't get the reply back. But don't worry about the problem about the sidebar.

As my suggestion you can use the old Facebook chat interface to chat rather than the new one where you don't face such kind of problems.

The next technique is just log out the Facebook and login again. I hope that your Internet Connection is fine and fast. If your Internet is slow you may get the problem of Sidebar in Facebook. Moreover clear the cookies, history and cache from your browser you use the Facebook

This may help you and can get the sidebar again for the chat. You may not need to restart your system just restart the Facebook login only.
If your Mac sidebar has disappeared go here: Mac sidebar disappeared

                                                  Hope this helps
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  1. Wow, what a solution! This helped med sooooooo much! I never thought about the just do not bother to fix it method :D

    And i guess you can always just delete history/cookies/cache instead of restarting the computer. ;)

  2. thank you! i had the same problem and couldn't find a solution until i stumbled upon this.

  3. Still hasn't worked for me. Everyone else in my family that goes on facebook still has the left sidebar chat pics...mine is the only one missing which to me tells me it's my account and not my computer. BTW, this happens on every computer I log on to...even a friend's so it's definitely the account and facebook help section has done nothing to help!

  4. Hi i'm using Chromium in Debian, it works fine, except in facebook. No chat messages appear. If i open my message window (two talk bubbles in the top left corner) i just get a blank screen, only with the facebook logo at the usual place. I use Iceweasel for chatting now :-(. But it has problems too, after 5 minutes, the reply text box becomes white, no text, but it's still recording my message, so when i push enter, it's sent. But it's annoying. If i log out and in to facebook again, it will work another 5 minutes. Anyone have a solution for Chromium?

  5. oh my! suuuuuuuuper thank you for this one :) just cleared all of my history etc and everything went back to normal! yey

  6. Thanks for the help! I cleared out cookies and readjusted those settings in my browser, then I logged out of Facebook and logged back in. Voila! Thanks again!

  7. thank you for this :) it really helps.

  8. it is really helpful.... thank u:):):)

  9. thanks man, i didn't know what i could do


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