[SOLVED] Linux Mint touchpad problem

Well friends, my friend had another problem in his PC again. Well Linux is bothering but interesting and fun to work with. My friend wants to get rid of all the problems or he might throw his Linux out. So, I checked for that solution. Same, didn't got any solution. So looked for my own solution, but nothing helped me out. I ask for any strange activity that happened with the PC while he was using but he said to have nothing. After that I restarted the PC and opened windows. Then I noticed the strange thing.

He had disabled his touch-pad while typing his documents and was annoyed by the touch-pad. And this was the main problem regarding touch-pad. Then same thing happened to Wireless driver too.

So, the final solution comes that disabling the drivers properties via windows disables the functionality of Linux. So first you need to enable all the drivers that you need to work with on Linux.
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