[SOLVED] Skype Not Working on Android phones

Skype widely used for the video chatting and is done from the personal PC or the mobile phones. Nowadays different mobile phones can run the Skype in  their system and can call the next phone in the Skype easily. Mobile phones like Nokia, SAMSUNG, LG, motorola, and many others can run the application of Skype. Ipads and Iphones are mainly used for the Skype video calling and has made the users to call the next Skype integrated device from anywhere in free of cost.
But there is a problem in the Android phones of different versions of not working the Skype the Skype properly.
The main thing is that when you want to download the Skype application from the Android Market you cannot find any Skype apps which are recommended in the Market.
By this what we can say that the compatible Skype apps has not been developed so that it hasn't been approved in the Market.
You may find different Skype apps in .apk format when you search it in web and can download it easily and can install them on your phone. But finally when you open the Skype and log in from that your apps may close forcefully or cannot load or open. I am using the Android 2.1 and I cannot access the video call from may phone via Skype.
The next option you can do is that you can upgrade the Android OS for your device and can try the Skype once.
There is also the problem in the Google Earth for the Android phones and cannot run it as like the Skype.

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