[SOLVED] Flash Videos not playing in Nokia 5300 Xpress Music

Nokia 5300 is one of the most demanded mobile in the market.Due to various features in this mobile,it is becoming popular among peoples.This phone supports both the Java(.jar) and (.sis) file.But .sis is the mostly used format since various better software are available in this format.Jar file is rarely used.
                    Despite of various features in this mobile,this mobile doesn't play the flash file.This is the serious problem in the mobile,Because all the videos and songs you want to download are in the flash format.for e.g. youtube videos are in flash format.Hence,here i have posted how to play the flash videos in this mobile:-
  1. Fist of all,just visit the website you want to download the flv file.If there is a link to directly download the file,just click on the link and download.
  2. If there is not a direct download link,just install a software name UC player and play the youtube or any other flash videos.
  3. You can download the Uc player from your mobile or from your pc.
  4. Similarly,you can download the flash videos from your pc and if you want you can download the video from your mobile too.
  5. This mobile does not contain the integrated player or anything to play the flash videos.
  6. So,the ultimate solution is to download the app names Uc player.
                                 Hope this helps.........Enjoy
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