[HOW TO] Start chat on Google+

Google has emerged with it's new project Google+.It has features such as Circles,Sparks,Hangouts etc.It is easy to use.The Hangout is the most striking feature of Google+.You can start a Hangout and start chatting with video with your friends.The circle is easier to use and is very simple drag and drop.You can create circles yourself like friends,family,others etc. and add persons on those circles by dust an easy drag and drop.

Anyone who got the Google+ account may not find the place where they can start chatting with their friends.hence i have posted the process following which you can start chatting on Google+.Here are the steps.
  1. First of all,you should have a Google+ account and you must be logged in.
  2. You can see "Stream" when you are logged in.
  3. Below stream,you can see share what's new.In the right place,you can see certain menus like Add a photo,add a video,add a link and add your location items.
  4. Just click on add your location item and now you can see a chat menu appeared in the down left corner of the page.
  5. Click on the chat menu.
  6. Remember that you should set up the chat menu.
  7. For setting up the chat menu,follow the steps as in the chat menu comes.
  8. After you finished setting up,your chat box appears in the middle left part of the page below stream.
  9. You are now done.
                                                     Hope this helps.........Enjoy
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