[HOW TO] Root Samsung Galaxy S3

What is root? Why the phones are being rooted? What if I don't root by phone? These are the some questions that may arise for everyone who has got the smartphones usually the Android.

Many of us know about the root and its beneficts. The main thing is you can use the phone like a computer you can edit, change or do anything what you like. Let's be clear that rooting means giving the phone the Administrative right. Many apps and functions of your system are protected and you don't have the permission to it. Then you can change everything from the phone like change the animations, remove the apps that are installed by the operators but you don't like it. We can say that after rooting your phone you have the full control of your phone.

Now to root the Samsung Galaxy S3 follow the steps below :
  • First keep the datas, drivers,contacts,photos,videos backup of your Samsung Galaxy S3. You can backup using the Samsung Kies also.
  • Download, install and run the Odin 3 software in your computer.
  • When the Odin 3 runs and loads check the PDA button as below image. Also check "Auto Reboot" and "Reset time" in Odin 3. Then select the CF-Root-SGS3-v6.4. tar file that was extracted earlier during the software installation.

  • Now press and hold volume down key, home button and power button at a time and wait for feew seconds. This is done to put the phone in the download mode. You can enter download mode by pressing volume up button.
  • Now connect the Galaxy S3 to the computer and open Odin 3, You will see the "Added" in the side side of the dialogue box in Odin 3.
  • Then click the Start button and have a patience until it is completed fully. You did it...
Finally the phone reboots and you will get your Samsung Galaxy S3 Android phone Rooted and have the full access and  right to your phone.

But you should remember that after you root your phone the warranty of your phone will be void. Think before you root any of your Android phones.

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Have fun ...
                                                   Hope this helps!

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