[HOW TO] Convert\Save Webpages to Pdf format.

Many of us visit various webpages daily and  may like certain pages among them.We may want to save those pages for future view when we are offline.i.e.when no internet connection is available.Some of the webpages are easy to save going to file menu and then saving directly in .html format. But some of the webpages cannot be saved so easily.i.e. there is no menu to save the page.So for this case we may apply another method so that we can save the files from the page in a PDF format.This makes us easy to use the files because PDF is the best e-book format.Here are the steps you need to follow for converting a stubborn webpage to PDF format.
  1. First of all you will need some software.Those are Adobe acrobat reader(latest version) or not too old version ,and the second one is Popupcop.
  2. After installing these software,just open the webpage you like to save.
  3. Notice that the popupcop should be installed and the acrobat icon must must be in the toolbar to convert to PDF format.
  4. Slide popupcop intensity bar to the far left and click on adobe acrobat icon to convert webpage to PDF format(document).
  5. Now you may have the webpage saved as pdf format.

                                       Hope this helps.............Enjoy
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