Facebook Partners Skype for Video Chatting

Finally today Facebook partners a great deal with the Skype and added a skype video chat. There was a lot of rumor that facebook will bring a new surprise i.e video chatting and was finally announced. After the giant search engine google brought a social networking site google+ with video featuring Facebook was in process to bring the video chat in it. Now the people can video chat from the browser and send message, "like", import the news feed all from the skype.
Before this there was also the partnership between the Facebook and Skype and tied much more than from this partnership. This was launched by the Founder and CEO of the Facebook Mark Zuckerburg from the company headquarter Palo Alto, Calif. It was told that there are more than 750 million facebook users and the photo sharing, videos and links are increasing day by day.
Now how does the google+ compete with the Facebook to bring the users to its service and who is gonna do it. But multiple video chatting cannot be done in the facebook like the google+ and told that the other features will be increased in coming future.
Now lets have a fun with skype and Facebook combination in the same platform.

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