[DOWNLOAD] Free Acer Dolby Home Theatre

Dolby Home Theater v4 generally fixes the problems associated with PC audio—tinny sound, weak volume, and buzzing and rattling. You will experience full-impact surround sound anywhere with Dolby Home Theater v4 on your PC.

Dolby Home Theatre which comes in your laptop during the purchase. I think you feel different listening to the music using the Dolby Home Theatre.  Acer provides the Dolby Home Theatre integrating into it during the manufacture. But if you have formatted your PC your Home Theatre will be removed and cannot restore it back.

I searched on the google and tried to download the Dolby Home Theatre but cannot find the installation files. But I found that Dolby Home Theatre comes to the Acer models during its manufacture and there will no be backups available to install and use it later. Moreover the direct purchase and download of Dolby Home Theatre is not available. Dolby Home Theatre comes in Acer Aspire Timeline 3830TG, Acer Aspire ultrabook, hp ultrabook  lenovo, sony, toshiba different models. In acer official site all other software and driver required can be found and downloaded easily from the link given below:
Download software
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