[HOW TO] Import phone contacts into Gmail

We use mobile phones and it contains lot of phone contacts and wants to protect those numbers. Because if the phone is lost or damaged the contacts will also be removed. In Android phones it is easier to save the phone contacts into the gmail and it is best way to save the contacts. To sync the Android phone contacts into the gmail follow the following steps:-

  1. Firstly, you must log in into the gmail into your phone.
  2. Then open your contacts and tap Menu and search for the "Import/Export" and select that option.
  3. After this tap on the "Export to SD Card" you will see the confirmation message to export your contact to "/sdcard/000..vcf" and you may select ok. This exports your phone contacts to the sdcard.
  4.  Now again Go to the Menu of the Contacts and select "Import/Export" but don't select the "Export to SD card" this time because you have already exported the contacts. So, select the "Import from SD Card" you will find you google account to import the contacts. Then Select the google account and the contacts of your phone will be imported to the Gmail account.
  5. Now to see the contacts in the gmail you may select the view option and select the google contacts that has been imported.
This is the common process for alomost all of the Android phones and may be quite different in some Android phones.
                                                   Hope this Helps..........
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  1. what if your phone is already broken but its just the screen, can i somehow go on my gmail account and type my number and import my contacts? i have my broken phone, with all my contacts and my new iphone. how can i get my contacts?


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