[HOW TO] Free Random Access Memory(RAM) of your PC

RAM stands for Random Access Memory.It is one of the most important part of a computer system.RAM stores the temporary data used while processing a data or say while using a program or while playing games etc.There are various types of RAM available in the market.They may have certain capacities.For eg:512 Mb,1 GB,4 GB,etc.The more the capacity of RAM,the more speed is the computer although speed is linked to processor speed too.But some of us may have low capacity of RAM.For eg:1 GB.Then,we may have to use the Computer in an effective way.ie.We cannot play a 3D game and Use a large program at the same time.So,there needs to be an efficient way to free up your RAM in your windows,MAC or Linux OS system. Here are some steps:-

1).The best way to free RAM is to know about the processes that are being used right now.For this,open the task manager or install some program such as process manager.Now,delete the processes that are not in use or those processes you don't need.

2).A Software is available known as Iobit toolbox which includes Smart Ram.This Smart Ram helps you to scan your Ram and clean the Ram.

3).Make sure that you have the limited programs running now.Don't Load many programs in the Windows Startup.Don't overload the toolbar and the panel.

4).If you have an Antivirus or an Antispyware,just disable the windows defender.It may consume more memory space.If the Antivirus contains the Firewall Service,then disable the windows firewall too.

5).Go to command and type 'msconfig'.A box opens.There visit the services tab and uncheck the unnecessary services that are being run.They all may consume more memory space.

6).Adding add-ons to firefox and other browsers is good thing.But more add-ons can consume more memory.So,try to minimize such thing.

There may be many other processes which can free your memory space.you can handle them yourself.

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