[SOLVED] Brightness problem in Linux mint

Yesterday I installed Linux mint with windows 7 installed in one of my friends PC. He had a problem regarding his brightness. It could not increase or decrease. It was the same problem with the sound too. I tried to search out the problem over Internet but can only get the Bug report. I tried for the forums and got nothing. So, I tried my own test and got a simple solution. Hope the solution that helped me will surely help you.

Well here is the solution from my experience. I went to the bottom bar(task bar) and right click. After that I clicked on "Add to Panel". Then I searched for the Applet related to brightness. I got brightness applet. I added it to my panel and changed the brightness. Their goes my solution.

But in your case it might be you need to restart your PC and see the difference. Hope this solution helped you.
[SOLVED] Brightness problem in Linux mint [SOLVED] Brightness problem in Linux mint Reviewed by RefreshIt on 2:24:00 PM Rating: 5


  1. Wow, thanks that saved my day and my battery... It was just a simple thing to look after.. many many thanks...

  2. You are heartly welcome.This post solved your problem and we are happy to hear it...Thanks for Commenting.

  3. But what if the OS runs entirely on Linux Mint 12 ? Audio functional but display brightness does not change.

  4. great ty, do you know why the hotkeys doesn't work?


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