[SOLVED] Incoming call problem in Sony Ericsson W100i Spiral

Sony is one of the best brand in the world.Various appliances of Sony are available in the market.Sony has mobile handset as one of it's production.The phones are very much better than any other phones.Sony handsets contains excellent camera and music player function.
                            My friend has a Sony Ericsson W100i Spiral.The mobile is good because if it's features.The mobile was running good.But one day he told me that the mobile have a problem.The problem was that When someone calls in the mobile,it shows the number of another person who is not calling rather than the person's number who is calling.This problem became a serious problem because he cannot know that who had called him.
                            Hence i performed some of the tests which gave me the desired result.The problem was fixed.So,i have posted the steps here to help you out:-
  1. First of all you need to backup your mobile so that in case of any risks,you can restore the mobile.
  2. When you completely backup your mobile,you need to format the phone memory of your mobile.You can format the memory card too for better results.
  3. After that you have to upgrade your mobile software to the latest version available.If you can do it yourself,just do it otherwise take it to the nearest care centre.
  4. This will give you the desired result you wanted.
                                           Hope this helps........Enjoy
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