[HOW TO] Use Google Maps in Android phones when you are not in wifi or network areas.

Google Maps which is an equivalent to the Google Earth and is available in the android phones of different versions. Many people are trying to use the Google Earth in Android phones but cannot access through it. Google Maps which are available in almost all the versions of the Android phones. But you may have the problem of the network and gps and cannot explore the new places when you are in the area where there is no any WiFi or networks available.

If you have planned to go the new places and countries and know the location and want to explore that places you have problem in loading the new places and cannot view the places. But don't worry there is the solution and Google has recently provided the facility to download the maps of the new places and area which can be used when there is WiFi and other networks available.

For this you must have the Android phone of version 2.1 and greater and Google map of version 5.7.0 which is recently available and can be downloaded and upgraded easily from the Android Market for your phone.

The main feature of the new version of Google Map is you can download the specified maps and use them for about one month and it will be deleted automatically  after one month.

Now you may have thought how to download the maps and use in the phones.
Its easier just download the Google Maps 5.7.0 or of you have the older versions you can upgrade it easily from the market.
Then open the Google Maps application and pressure menu and Go to-> "Labs" and select the "Download map area" in the screen. After this go back and tab or select any one place you want to download the maps around that place and tab the MENU option and tab More options you will find the option "Download map area". Just select that option your map will be downloaded.

To view the downloaded maps just select the options "Layer" and you will find the option "my maps" and can see the places of the downloaded map.

In the newer version of the Google Maps you can get GPS stop-by-stop public transit directions in the Navigation(Beta) and can get the directions in less clicks with the updated directions experience. Street views is also available in the Google maps same as the Google earth.

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