NEPAL VS JORDAN 2nd league at Kathmandu

The first league for the world cup qualifying match between the Jordan and Nepal was played in Amman Stadium in Jordan and Jordan defeated Nepal by 9-0. Now the next match between Nepal and Jordan will be played in 28th July at the Dasarath Stadium in Kathmandu.
Jordan defeated Nepal in their home ground with the biggest goal difference and now the next will is at Nepal's home ground. Will the Nepali team able to stop the attack the goals from the Jordanians players.
Around the 20000 Nepali fans will be there in the Stadium for the support of the team in Kathmandu. The match will be broadcasted live from the Kantipur television and can watch the football match with the commentary.
Now the team should play with the different tactics and idea against the Jordan to stop the goals and how do the coach plan for the next match.

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