[HOW TO] USE Notepad as a Diary

Many of us are performing various tasks in our PC.While performing various tasks,we may want to note down all the specific tasks we have performed.We may want the date and time of the task which we have performed just now for further use or for the reminder.Hence copying date and time on a note with a pen is boring.
Thus we may want to follow the short method for this problem.You can use a  Notepad to save your tasks or your personal stuffs.You need to follow just one step for this operation.After that,the date and time will be automatically added.Here is the step:-
  1. Just open Notepad.
  2. Now type '.LOG' at the top of the notepad.
  3. Remember to use capital letters,not the small one.
  4. Save the document and exit.
  5. Reopen the document.Now,you will find your current date and time present in the notepad.
  6. Note something down and save the document.
  7. Re-open the document again you will find the current date and time.
  8. Hence,you may now use your notepad as a diary.

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