[HOW TO] Download Torrents From Other Download Managers

Downloading a file you like from the web is a very difficult task since you may not be able to find the file you want to download.Various websites are available but these websites gives us to download the files only after we sign up on those websites which is a tedious task and probably we don't want to.Hence we have to find a website which gives us to download the file without signing up and for absolutely free.
                                               The piratebay.org is one of those websites which gives us to download the files we need for absolutely free.There are other websites too for downloading torrents file.But since it has to be downloaded by some torrents application like Utorrent,Btorrent etc. so this becomes a problem too because the maximum speed of torrent cannot be achieved for some pc having slow or moderate internet connections and due to some  Internet Service Providers too.Hence those people who want to download the torrent file from other download managers like IDM, DAP etc.,you should follow the steps given below:-

1).First of all you will have to download the download manager you like.Suppose,  I am talking here about IDM.

2).Second , you have to find the torrents from the web.I am here talking about www.thepiratebay.org
      2.1).Go to www.thepiratebay.org
      2.2).Search the file you want to download.
      2.3).After you have completed searching and you found the torrent.You have to 'Right Click' on the                        torrent  and 'copy the link location' of the torrent.
3).After copying the link location of the torrent,create a new text document and paste the link location for safety purpose so that you may not loose it.

4).After that navigate to www.torrific.com
5). You will have to sign up in this website.
6).After signing up, copy the link location from the saved document in step 3 and paste it on the text box of torrific and click on 'get' button.
7).After that you will get a direct link of the file you wanted to download from torrent.
8).Copy the link and open Internet Download Manager(IDM).
9).On the Top-Left corner of Idm,there is a button 'Add URL'
10).Click on that button and paste the link you have just copied and click'Ok'
11).You will now find  Idm downloading the contents of the torrent file.
12).You are now done.

                                                        Hope this helps........Enjoy
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