[DOWNLOAD] And RUN 8085 Simulator on Linux

Microprocessor Programming is quite different and interesting than the other programming languages because it is an assembly language. But the programming of the Microprocessor is done in the Microprocessor Kit especially designed for 8085, 8086 and others. If you want to programme the 8085 programme 8085 microprocessor kit is available and can do each and every task.
But it is not possible for all the programmers to have each kit to programme from the separate microprocessor kit. That's why the 8085 simulator has been developed and can 8085 programming can be done in  your pc having different OS like windows, Linux, Mac and others. I have Ubuntu 11.04 and started doing the 8085 programming in my pc. In different versions of Linux you can download and run the 8085 simulator easily and run the programme.
  •  To download the 8085 simulator in Ubuntu you can go to the synaptic package manager and search for the 8085 simulator you will find the debian file and can install it easily and run. 
  • The other way to download the simulator open the terminal and write the code below it will download and install automatically.
                  "gksu apt-get install gnusim8085"
After installing it you can run the simulator and programme seating in your pc without the need of 8085 kit.
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  1. please write any simple small program using load and store commands.
    and write a step by step procedure for compiling and executing that code.
    thanks in advance

  2. Download New 8085 Simulator By J-Tech Software's..
    Supports Windows XP,Vista And 7 With New User Interface


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