[HOW TO] Burn bin and cue files

Bin and cue files are mostly available in the internet.The software which burns this images seems quite hard to find.But it is not that hard actually.We can use burning software like Cdrwin which is the original software for burning bin and cue format and can use Nero to burn the images.Make sure that you have the version of Nero above 5.5.I am going to explain burning with Nero.Here are the steps involved:

  1. Open the Cue sheet with Nero.Make sure that the path in the Cue sheet is correct.It is the file which describes the location of Bin file.You can open the Cue file using notepad.
  2. Verify that the name of the Bin in the Cue sheet is as the same as the actual Bin file you have on your hard disk.
  3. Next,Load Nero to burn the image and choose Burn image from the file.
  4. Choose the files of type which is a dropdown menu and select all files.
  5. Now,just locate the Cue file and click open.Make sure to select the Cue file and not a Bin file.
  6. Next choose the burning speed and do according to your choice.
  7. Keep on continuing and finally you have your burned disk.

                                          Hope this helps.........Enjoy
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