[HOW TO] Bin(.bin) and cue(.cue) files explained

You may have downloaded the binary files(.bin )and .cue file but don't know what to do with them.There seems to be a question"What to do with the .bin file". Hence here i have explained the .bin and .cue files.There are various options to do with them.Some of them are listed below:-
  1. The first option is to burn with some burning software like FIREBURNER,CDRWIN or NERO.
  2. For cdrwin,start the program.choose load cuesheet and select start recording.
  3. For Nero,start nero and locate the .cue file.Now burn it.
  4. For fireburner,choose visual cue burner--->load tracks from cue-->select the .cue file---->burn the file.
  5. You will get an error message when you select the .cue file which points to an incorrect path.
  6. You can use Isobuster,Daemon tools for various operation on .bin and .cue files.
  7. Burning with Nero is given in detail on this web.
                                                       Hope this helps........Enjoy
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