[SOLVED] Audio driver not working on Windows XP-sp3

Well I found a new problem regarding the windows xp that the Audio didn't worked after installing the service pack 3. This may be the interesting thing that the Audio problem in the windows xp after installing the sp3. Before installing the sp3 on the pc there wasn't any problem on the sound and it was working properly.

Realtek HD Audio driver problem in the pc and confused what to do next to get the sound driver and run it again normally. You may have thought that there was the problem in the sound card or something in the PC. You will not get any error or problem message in the Device Manager.

Now what you can do is just download and install the Audio driver and try it again. The best is download and install the 'Microsoft Installer' on your computer and the audio driver hardware is found for your computer. After this you will get the audio sound in your computer.

Again if your audio is not working after installing the driver the next thing you can do is just remove or uninstall the windows xp sp3 from your computer and use sp2. Nowadays windows 7 is popular and there won't be any problem regarding the Audio drivers and others. You should not install and get the Audio driver manually for the Windows 7.

Hope this helps
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