Video Chatting coming soon on Facebook

Facebook the largest social networking site is bringing a new feature by this week. Now the biggest search engine Google brought a new social networking Google+ with the extra features than Facebook and twitter with the video chatting and getting the market. To compete and get the users from facebook google brought a new features in Google+.
Just after the google launched the Google+ Facebook officials revealed that they are bring the new awesome announcements this week and provide the users with the new features. The CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerburg told that they are launching something new and is kept secret until the announcement.
As the source Facebook is bringing the video chatting feature to be added in facebook which is powered by the Skype. The video chatting of Google+ may take the great market so the facebook is working to bring such facilities faster. Facebook doesn't want to loose the users so it is trying the best. Some news came that many users of facebook are decreasing in US, UK and Canada. Let's see how the facebook compete with the google+.

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