[SOLVED] Wireless problem in Linux Mint

While using the Linux Mint I got a problem in my wireless and the problem of wireless is same as in Ubuntu, fedora,  and other linux distros too. While I started using the Linux Mint the wireless doesn't work in my laptop. As I know there is the wireless problem in Ububtu 11.04 Natty Narwal also. Here is the solution of the wireless problem and you can proceed step by step.
1. Firstly download the broadcom drivers and proceed as below listed:-
  • Extract the driver which is in tar.gz file format with winrar.
  • Navigate to the folder.
  • Then open the terminal and open the folder in terminal.
  • Now make the file as below.
     To find the device ID's of Broadcom cards type
                        #lspci -n/grep 14e4

2. For the fresh installation:-
         To Remove any other drivers if present-
                        #lsmd /grep "b43//ssb//wl"
         If any of these drivers are present,  remove them
                       #rmmod b43    
                       #rmmod ssb   
                       #rmmod wl
         To blacklist these drivers
                       #echo"blacklist ssb">>/etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf
                       #echo"blacklist b43">> /etc/modprobe.d.blacklist.conf
                       #echo"blacklist wl">> /etc/,odeprobe.d/blacklist.conf

         Insmode the driver-
                       #modprobe lib80211
                      #modprobe ieee80211_crypt_tkip
                  insmod wl.ko

3. Setup to load time.
                 #cp wl.ko /lib/modules/'uname-r'/kernel/drivers/net/wireless
                 #depmod -a
                 #echo modprobe wl>>/etc/rc.local  (fedora /suse) 
This may help for your wireless problem in Linux Mint as well as Ubuntu and fedora too..........

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