[SOLVED] Videos folder of IDM is not accessible

IDM (Internet Download Manager) is one of the tool for downloading contents from the web.This program can download any formats.For eg:Can download mp3 files,videos,flash files,executable file,etc.This program integrates your browser(can be any browser) like opera, safari, chrome, firefox, internet explorer,etc.After the program is installed,while a file is found,it shows download with Idm button in every file and you can easily download the files you need.
                                                  This program contains various different folders for storing the music,videos,programs,compressed files,etc.Once what happened is that while i downloaded one video and navigate to the videos folder of this program,my computer hangs out and becomes irresponsible.I thought it was only one time but it occurred continuously when i opened the videos folder.So i have posted the solution for this problem.

1).The folder may not be accessible if certain virus attacks the computer and distorts the system.For this you may need a good antivirus and scan your computer to remove the virus.

2).It may also not be accessible while the computer is too slow to  respond.For this you may restart your system for the purpose.

3). If the product i.e Idm is too old or is of older version then the problem may arise.Hence,you may need a new version of the program or just upgrade it to the newer version.

4).The program Idm support the drag and drop feature.So,if your videos or some other folder is not accessible then you may drag and drop the downloaded content on your desired location.

5).If this all process doesn't helped then you may need to uninstall the product and re-install it later for later use.

6).Otherwise you will have to format the whole system and re-install a new system.Or may have to repair your system.

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