[HOW TO] Refresh Google+ Contacts

Many of us started using the new social networking site Google Plus which is same as like the Facebook and twitter. We can say it is the combination or mix up of Facebook and twitter with the new added feature added in it. The competiton of google+ and facebook is on after google start the google+ service.

Now the topic is while using the google+ how to refresh contacts in the circles while you are logged in google. The main problem is if we add any friend or people in the circle it won't show the updated list or number of people in the circle. While viewing the profile the added person is not listed in the circle.

What we you can do is just logout from the google+ and join again you can find the updated person or friend in the circles you have listed. Also you can refresh the Google+ page and check it.

You can also import the facebook contacts to the Google+ and can get in Google+ at once. Here's how can you do that: Import Facebook contacts to google+. This helps to save your time to add the people in Google+ circle who are in facebook. You can start the google+ chat as a video also and can have a fun with the friends

Moreover you must get the invitation from the current google+ user for the new users to start the google+. If anyone wants go ahead and know more about the google+ invitaion.
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