[HOW TO] Increase phone memory

All the phone contains its own internal memory for the system and to save photos, videos and others. But the limited memory space makes us difficult to use the phones. The external memory card helps us to save the photos, music, videos and others if we use any applications or install it will be installed in the phone memory. This causes the decrease in the memory space and may hang up the phone. Here are some of the tips that may help you to increase or free the phone memory in different phones and is similar in the Android phones too.
  1. Go to message box and delete all the unwanted and read inbox messages. 
  2. Go to the Application Manager and look for the unwanted and useless applications and uninstall them. Try to avoid using the applications that consumes the larger memory space. This is similar in the Android phones you may goto the Settings and then to the Application Manger.
  3. Otherwise, move the songs, videos and photos to the external memory card which helps to free the phone memory.
  4. Look for the photos and songs that are no longer in use and are useless. This sort of items may occupy the phone memory if they are saved in the phone.
  5. If you are using the Opera as web browser then you may remove all the cache.
                                                        Hope this helps....
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