[SOLVED] Google Earth Not Working in Android

Google Earth which is used to view the maps and explore the new places from your pc or mobile device. It is useful for us to know the unknown places and now can be viewed in 3D also. Google Earth can be used in iphones, ipad and other mobile device easily and is used mostly in Windows, Macintosh and linux. Street view makes the people to view the places easily.

But there is the problem in Android phones in running the Google Earth properly. Different websites provide the Google Earth's .apk application to download but doesn't works. When you open that application it terminates immediately.

Moreover you cannot find any application of the google earth in Android Market.
But there is another application in Android phones, iphones and ipad called Maps which can be used same as the google earth. This is also known as Google Maps and can use it to view the places properly. You can download the maps and view it at nay time.

Moreover GPS service is also available in Android phones which makes more interesting to use the Google Maps properly. We can know where we right now and going to which palce from the Maps if the GPS service is on. Different palces, resturants, cafe, Shopping Malls and many other places can be found easily .

There is a Navigation system available which makes more easier to use it. Also the Street Views and maps can be viewed from the google maps application.

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