[SOLVED] Sidebar disappeared in Mac OS

I got a new problem that the sidebar has disappeared in my Mac OS system few days ago and you may also get the same problem in Mac OS. I was surprised how did the sidebar has disappeared and want to fix it but cannot solve the problem. I thought to restart the system but the problem was same the Show Sidebar item under Finder View was grayed out. Here is the simple steps that may help you to bring the sidebar to your system.
  1. Firstly goto the Finder Window and enable the toolbar.
  2. After that you must go to the Library in your Home Folder and see for the preferences.
  3. Find com.apple.finder.plist then drag it to the desktop.
  4. After dragging this you must restart the system and see you must find the sidebar in your system.
Hope this helps..
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  1. You don't say in what OS you had this problem, but in OS 10.6.8 it is enough -- at least in my case -- just to show the Toolbar, then "Show Sidebar" is no longer grayed out. Not necessary to create a new com.apple.finder.plist file.


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