[SOLVED] Localhost / Wamp server not working on Windows

Well friends I wanted to use php and mySQL for programming and downloaded wamp server for windows 7. I found many severs but I used wamp server to use php programming. Then I installed it in my pc and opened it properly. After that I wrote a 'simple hello' program and tried  to run it but
it doen't run and thought I have done some mistake. But I was wrong and knew that I haven't made the wamp server online before running the program. Then I tried it again but the message Local Host is Working didn't appeared in my browser. If the localhost is not working we cannot use php and run it from any server.
I thought what to do now and I was in the mind of leaving this. Later I knew that Skype and wamp server use the same ports so it doesn't work. So to disable the Skype port Goto Skype->Tools->Options->Advanced->Connection. Then unselect the "Use port 80 and 443...". Then when I opened localhost it worrked properly.  From this wamp server we can use Php, mySQL, and Apache properly.

 Moreover different internet downloader also create a problem for wamp server. For eg: If you have Internet Download Manager IDM uninstall it and this may also help for the problem.

Enjoy using php.....
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