Google+ against the Facebook

The biggest and the dominant search engine in this technology era has launched a new social networking site i.e Google+. The rapid growing of the users in the Facebook and the craze of people in Facebook is the main reason of bringing this sort of social networking site. In google+ people can share photos, messages, and comment in them and also shows the geo location information. The main features of the google+ is that the individual people can create the group and make a circle of the friends and share photos, messages and others within the groups.
The nest feature is the video conferencing between multiple users is also available with the group instant messaging. Moreover all the posts in the google+ can be made public and can be the google platform for the social networking.
Before google+ google has released google buzz service but cannot attract the people and became the useless product from the google . Now lets see whether google+ can compete with the Facebook or will be unpopular like google buzz and google wave.

Here is how to bring the facebook contacts into gmail efficiently.
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