[HOW TO] Downgrade Windows 7 or Vista

Many of us are using different Operating System like Windows Xp, Windows 7, Vista, Macintosh and other linux os. According to our choice and use we prefer the different OS and many of are using the Windows. But now many people use Windows 7 leaving behind the Windows XP and using the new feature of Windows 7. Many applications,software and games doesn't run in Windows 7 which are running easily in XP. If anyone wants to downgrade i.e means format the Windows 7 or Vista and use the XP cannot format the system as like in xp. You will get the error message if you try to format as you format from Windows 7. But this is not the problem of using corrupted or duplicate bootable cd/dvd.
So to downgrade the windows firstly restart your system inserting the the bootable device and Goto boot menu and search for the SATA mode selection . You will see the AHCI selected in the SATA Mode Selection and you need to change the mode to IDE and save the changes. Then try to format you won't get any Error message and can format or downgrade easily.
Soon Wndows 8 will be in the Market by 2012  replacing the older version of Windows.
Moreover if you want to upgrade the Windows goto this link Upgrade Windows .

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