[SOLVED] YOUTUBE Not Working (500 Internal Error Server)

Today I found a new problem in Youtube i.e 500 Internal Server Error and I saw this first time. Slow Buffering and weired errors are known to all of us in youtube. When I want to open the youtube I get the message as;

As I know 500 Internal Error is an server response error. A team of highly trained monkeys are working but when those monkeys will fix the 500 Internal Error. Youtube is not opening and running think about the condition and situation.

But don't worry about the problem and don't hope that monkeys will solve the problem and you can run it easily. You can get the youtube in the normal form without anyones help.

In your browser you might have logged in with the gmail account and wasn't logged out. With logged in with the gmail you might have tried to open the youtube and same I did. So just open the gmail first and log out from the gmail of your browser. After this open the youtube and you will get it simply.
I think helps you to solve the problem in opening the youtube.

                                        Hope this helps..
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