[UPDATED] Get Golden Eggs in Angry Birds

Well,Angry birds has become one of the most famous application nowadays.You can play angry birds in Android as well as in Iphone.It is also available in an executable file format(.exe) which you can install and play in your Pc.Many of us may have completed all levels but may be surprised that all the Golden eggs are not available.Here are the simple ways to get golden eggs:-

First of all Zoom out the game in all levels.Now you can see all the golden eggs in all levels.

Here i have listed the places where you can get golden eggs:-

1).While playing a level,just pause the game and click the ? icon.Try doing next and you will find your first golden egg with a white bird.

2).Just Tap the sun two times in menu and you will get the second golden egg.

3).In the main menu just click on the information(i) icon.Keep on watching the names and finally you will find the third golden egg at last.

4).The fourth golden egg is available only when you complete all the levels of angry birds with 3 stars.

5).The fifth golden egg is the same as fourth golden egg.When you complete all the levels with 3 stars you will get 2 golden eggs unlocked.

06).Mighty Hoax Level 5-19(The egg is in the top)
07).Mighty Hoax level 4-7(Break yellow balloon under tree)
08).Poached Eggs level 1-8(Tap the treasure chest).In pc press 'Open' while tapping.
09).Poached Eggs level 2-2(Just destroy the beach ball)
10).Level Selection Screen in Danger Above(Drag the screen to the far right)
11).Danger Above level 8-15(Under the slingshot pattern)
12).The Big Setup level 9-14(Bottom right under a hard hat)
13).The Big Setup level 10-3(Destroy the duck)
14).The Big Setup level 11-15(Left below the slingshot)

There are some others golden eggs which i will post later....

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