[PREVIEW] of Windows 8 by Microsoft

Different news and rumours about windows 8 came before and no one knows the fact news about the windows 8. But Today Microsoft demonstrated the preview about the windows 8 at D9 conference in California and Taipei. The main features in win 8 are tiled based start screen which has replaced the start menu. It is optimized for the touch gadgets and can be used from mouse and keyboard.
Moreover the new version of Internet Explorer 10 can be used and an apps can be snaped and resized to the side of the screen. Also its apps uses the HTML5.
Let's all hope that the Microsoft releases windows 8 sooner and provide the best OS in this computer world. As far it may be release in 2012 by September or October and we all can use the products.
Many of us are using the windows 7 or xp in pc and guess it cannot support the many program and application files. But the developers may make the suitable for any apps and programs. Windows 8 apps are fully touchpad optimized and full screened said in the conference.

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