[HOW TO] Unlock Samsung Galaxy S3

To use the different SIM cards in oyur Samsung Galaxy S3 you need to unlock the phone. But how to unlock the Galaxy S3.

The network operators will provide the unlock code then your phone will be unlocked. But sometimes that is not possible so you need to find another technique to unlock the Samsung Galaxy S3.

First you need your Samsung Galaxy S3 rooted. If you haven't rooted your phone follow the tutorial How to root Samsung Galaxy S3. Then only you can proceed to unlock your phone.

You need the unlocking software to unlock the phone. In google play you can find find the software  Voodoo Galaxy SIII SIM Unlock  . Just install the software and run it you will get your Samsung Galaxy S3 unlocked.

Now you can use any SIM cards and have fun using it.

                                  Hope this Helps!
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