[NEXT] Google PageRank (PR) Update 2012

Everyone is looking for the next PR Update and may be may arise a question in the mind When is the exact date of PR Update by the Google. Google PageRank is determined by the backlinks and helps to increase low PR to higher.

You may have your websites and webpages that contains PageRank differently. The PageRank varies from 0 to 10. Higher the PageRank higher is the reputation of the websites. If the PR is high the search in the Google     helps to bring the website and pages to the top of the Search Page.

PageRank 10 is the highest and is considered as the highly reputed website. But all the websites don't get such opportunities to reach the PR 10. The PR is dependent on the backlinks . Even though Facebook has PR 9 and what will be its in next update coming in August 2012. You can see the list of PR 10 website from here: List of PR 10 websites

The previous Google PR Updates are on:
  • 7 February 2012
  • 3 May 2012
Now the Next PR Update is certain in August 2012. When is the exact date on August is the question? As my view the last update was on 3 May and hopefully the next will be in the first week of August or second week. May be the Update will be around 7 August 2012. But the there may be the minor change by the Google during the Update.

Will the Facebook get PR 10 this time OR again Google PR drops to 9 . Some websites may reach to PR 10  or drop. Moreover we all are waiting and hoping for our website to see the increased Page Rank.

What is your view on the  Next PageRank Update? Comment us and like us on Facebook: RefreshIT. Moreover you can follow on twitter.

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