[LIST] Google PageRank (PR) 10 Website 2012

Updated: After PR Update on 2 August 2012 the PR 10 websites are given below. I have check all of htem manually and got the list of PR 10 websites. If some of them are missing just let us know.

Google PageRank that we simply call PR determines the legitimacy of the website and pages that depend of the backlinks and highly reputed keywords also. Google PageRank starts from 0 to 10 i.e PR 0 TO PR 10. The highly reputed is PR 10 and its difficult to get the PR 10 .

Here is the list of some websites that conatins the PR 10.
If there is any PR 10 sites that is not included in the list above comment and let help other know about that.

You may see about the Next Date of PR Update August 2012.

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