[SOLVED] WampServer Not Running In Windows 8

WAMP is an acronym for Windows, Apache, MySQL and one of PHP / Perl / Python. Wampserver is used as a server in your localhost for viewing PHP, Perl or Python outputs. Apache is a web server. MySQL is an open-source database. PHP is a scripting language that can manipulate information held in a database and generate web pages dynamically each time content is requested by a browser. Other programs may also be included in a package, such as PhpMyAdmin which provides a graphical user interface for the MySQL database manager, or the alternative scripting languages Python or Perl.

When I installed Wampserver in windows 8, I got a problem regarding the phpmyadmin and it says that it cannot access the phpmyadmin of wamp. Another problem is that the http://localhost doesn’t open. Hence I have posted the solution in here for you all who have got the same problem as mine:-

  •  When I first installed the wampsever 2.2 –d , i got the problem that the phpMyAdmin is not accessible.
  •   Then I reinstalled another variant of wampserver 2.2 but again got the same problem as in 2.2 –d. So,i think the latest versions of wampserver is not compatible with windows 8.
  •  Hence,I installed the wampserver 2.0 version and finally this version of wampserver was supported by windows 8 and i am still using it.             
If you people have got any better solutions, please comment here.
I hope this helps you.

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  1. Nice post i'm also not able to run wamp on windows8 but i'll try to install wamp2.0

  2. i tried this but not working for me, same problem


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