[SHUTTER] Snipping Tool for Ubuntu

Snipping tool which we use in windows operating system but in linux. We can use Print Screen to capture the image but if we don't want to get the image of whole the Desktop environment there may be a problem.

Also we can use Alt+Print screen to get the image of active windows only.

But to get the image of specific area or path we can use the Shutter which works same as snipping tool of windows.

To install the Shutter in Ubuntu 12.04, Ubuntu 11.10 or any versions use the following command in terminal and you will get installed.

sudo apt-get install shutter

To run the Shutter in Ubuntu goto: Alt+F2 and type Shutter .
Then you can run Shutter easily to get the images from your desktop.

Moreover shutter is available for linuxmint and other OS also.

                          Hope This Helps!
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