[LIST] Top 10 ANDROID applications

Hi, friends we all know that Android OS is becoming popular and many of us love   Android phones because of the best applications that  are used. Here I have listed TOP 10 Android Applications that are  useful and best of all:
  1. Opera Mini:- Opera Mini is the fastest and easiest browser for the Android phones. We can download,open pages and search anything from this browser.
  2. Facebook :- Facebook is the no.1 Social network that helps you to share photos, videos , chat and many more from the Android phones.Facebook chat apps is also available for chatting only.
  3. Talking TOM:- Talking Tom is the funniest apps that says what you say infront of it.You can slap, feed the milk and others that enjoys everyone.
  4. Yahoo Messenger:- Yahoo messenger helps connect to the people who are online in yahoo messenger. You can chat and have  fun ..
  5. Adobe Reader:- Adobe Reader helps to read the pdf files and it makes easier to run pdf files.
  6. Skype:- Skype is the famous application that helps for video calling in free and it is good in Android OS.
  7. Google Earth:- You can view the countries, cities and different places from your phone with the help of Google Earth.Moreover the Street view is also available in the Google Earth.
  8. MSN Talk:- MSN Talk helps to chat with the friends in MSN.
  9. Tubemate:- Tube is helpful for playing the youtube videos  and download the flv videos in different media formats. You can save the videos in .mp3 format also.
  10. Bluetooth File Transfer:- Bluetooth file transfer is used to transfer the files, songs, folders and other applications to the other devices easily.
The above listed applications are the top ones that I am using in my Android 2.1 phone.There are many other applications like barcode Scanner, GPS tracket,etc which  I have not listed above that are good to use.
Have a fun with the Android Applications ......
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    1. Will surely try tubemate.. Thanks I feel great that I have most of the top apps on my android...


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