[HOW TO] Tweak Project IGI game

Project IGI  is one of the best games ever made.In this game,you have to go through a series of mission accomplishing one after another.This game has 14 missions.You can play the next mission only after completing the previous one.You cannot skip any missions.Here,I am going to describe a technique which can be used to complete any missions or say to complete the whole game.
Steps involved:-

1. Firstly,install the Project IGI game.
2. Now go to the folder where you have installed the game.
                     For eg. I have installed it under c:\project IGI\
3. Now navigate to the folder 'Pc' and then to 'Common' and then to 'Ai'.
                     Finally,the path becomes:-
4. Now you will find some qvm files such as anya.qvm,guard.qvm,civilian.qvm etc.
5. Now copy 4-5 copy of civilian.qvm and paste it on the same folder.
6.After that,delete the guard.qvm and rename the copied civilian.qvm as guard.qvm.
          Remember to rename the copied file,not the original civilian.qvm.
7.  Next,delete gunner.qvm,radioguard.qvm,etc and then rename the civilian.qvm to corresponding deleted qvm files.
8. Finally,play the game and now you will find the guards behaving as civilians and they won't shoot   you.

8. Enjoy the game.

            Hope this helps.....Enjoy

                             Refresh It............

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