[SOLVED] Windows Grub deleted after installing Android/Linux

I found Android as a best operating system in mobile.So,i want to use the Android OS in my PC.Then I found that we can use it by downloading the iso file of Android and use it without installing in the computer. I burned it in the DVD and when I opened it, my previous Windows Grub was gone..I was a little bit tensed for a while coz all my data and all other programs were gone.
              I thought of formatting my windows but it is a long process and will take more time to install all the drivers and programs.Then,i found a easiest way to recover my previous windows grub.I tested it and found that it was really a good technique to recover my previous data and my operating system.
Here i have listed the procedure:-
   The process is same to recover your grub after installing android or linux.
1. First of all you will need a dvd/cd  of the operating system.(E.g: Windows 7)
2. Now restart your pc and insert the dvd/cd on your dvd rom and boot from the dvd.
3. Then,after a while you will find the place to install the OS.But,do not install it.
4. You will have to repair your computer.So,click on repair your computer.
5. Now you will find many options.Among them,open the command prompt listed there.
6. Then, you will have to type the command given below and then press enter.
                      BOOTREC \ FIXMBR
7. You can see 'The operation completed successfully' dialog.
8. Otherwise just type in the same command but in small letters.
9. The backslash(\) may be slash(/) too.
10. Restart your computer.
11. Finally you will find your operating system come back.

                   Hope this helps...........Enjoy
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