[SOLVED] Bluetooth problem in Nokia 3500 classic

Many of us faced various problems in our mobile.But bluetooth problem in Nokia 3500 classic is a unique one.While transferring and receiving data,it generates an error message showing Operation failed.
Hence,for you all having the same problem,i have posted this solution.
                       Firstly,make sure that your bluetooth is on and you have enough space in phone memory and memory card to reveive data.Now,go to your bluetooth setting and go to paired devices and then delete the device from which you are receiving the data.You need to delete your device name from the paired devices of the sender mobile too.Now send a data and communicate with another device.
                   Moreover if it doesn't help for your problem you can format your phone memory and free the memory.
                  Also you can delete all the paired devices from your mobile and the give a try.May be,this time,it does happen.If it doesn't happen,you may have to format your phone for the ultimate solution.

           Hope this helps.....Enjoy

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