[HOW TO] Recover data from a formatted hard drive

Have you accidentally formatted your storage devices like hard disk,pen drive,etc. and want to recover it? Then you have come to the right place.We have a solution for your problem to completely recover your lost data.Here are the steps involved in the process:-

1. Do not use your formatted drive since using your drive can overwrite the existing data that you need.
2. Download a software named EASEUS data recovery.
3. Install the program in any other drive.Remember not to install it on the formatted drive.
4. If you have deleted the partition,click on partition recovery.
5. Otherwise,if you haven't deleted the partition but have formatted the drive,then click on the complete   recovery.
6. Else,If you haven't deleted any of partition and drive,just click the first option.This process recovers the data deleted from the recycle bin too.
                                                 Hope this helps............Enjoy
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  1. It trail and I doesn't recover the partial file. Though I recovered the files and later I did it continuously, that helped me.

    Thanks for the help. Subscribed!!!

  2. We are great to help you and thanks for the additional information.

  3. how about try another? my friend reccomend to try "Stellar phoenix" and he say to try the old one,but when I searching I can't find it. can you help me,please.

    thank for the help.

  4. You can find it searching the Stellar Phoenix and try it. You can also use other softwares like EASUES to recover the data....


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