[HOW TO] Run Android OS in your pc

Android operating system is one of the best operating systems in mobile.But,you may have a confusion that android cannot run in a PC which is not out and out true.Hence android can be  run in a PC too.

The best way to run Android OS in your PC is to download the android iso file.You can search and download it from the web.Following are the steps involved in the process:-

1. Download the Android ISO file.                         
2. Next,you can burn the iso in a dvd.
3. The better way is to mount the iso file in a program namely virtual cd.
4. If you have burned the iso file in a dvd,you can just boot from the dvd.
5. Otherwise,if you have mounted the iso in a virtual cd,you can open the mounted cd drive and install android   from it.
6. Booting from the dvd gives you a feature of running Android without installing it.

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