[HOW TO] Sign an unsigned 'sis' file

'SIS' is an acronym that stands for Symbian Installation Source.It is one of the extension for the applications used in mobile devices.
                  Many mobile phones support the applications in 'sis' format.Numerous numbers of applications are available out of which only a few number of applications are suitable for your device. many of the apps are unsigned which doesn't run in mobile device and generate a message of certificate error.Hence, those unsigned apps must be signed before they are installed in the device.
                First of all,you need to download an application in your pc named 'Sis content' or 'sisware' .After that you must download certificate(in .cer format) and key (in .key format) for your mobile.Note that the certificate and key file are separate for separate device as per your IMEI number.You must download the certificate and key file for your specific IMEI number.
                After that,start 'Sis Content'.Browse the certificate,key file and the sis file.Name the output of the signed sis file and click on sign.Finally,you will get the signed sis file suitable for your mobile.
Hope this helps.Enjoy.............
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