[HOW TO] Remove folder virus in an efficient way

Folder virus has become one of the most irritating problem.It is a type of virus which is inherited in every folder you have in your hard disk.It creates a same folder on your folder and as well in sub-folders and super-sub-folders.This virus can be removed in a easy way,but takes much more time.You have to visit every folders and sub folders you have in your PC to delete this virus.To recognize this virus is a easy thing.you have to find the size of the folder.Generally it is not more than some Kbs.
But i have posted a easy way to remove this virus.You have to follow the following steps:-

1. First of all navigate to the start menu and click on search this computer.
2. Now search for the file ".exe ".
3. A list of .exe files will be seen after searching.
4. Sort the files by their types.
5. Now click on the folder and view it's properties.
6. If it is of some kb's.Then sort the files by size.
7. Sorting the files according to their size allows you to keep the folders in a same place.
8. Now find the .exe folder and delete all of them selecting at a time.
9. But don't delete the original folders that are infected by the folder virus.
10. Finally your folder virus is removed from your pc.You may check it and if not removed then follow the same process as described above.
11. The process is same for removing folder virus from pen drive and other drives too.
                                  Hope this helps...........Enjoy
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