TOP Games for Android and Iphones

Android and iphones support and run the applications and games that are not supported in the normal phones. Well friends, I use Android and is using different applications and games that are the best in my view. Now I want to share some of the names of games that I'm using today.
The games and application for Android and iphones are almost same. But for the iphone you should get the .ipa apps rather than .apk for Android.

Here are some of the list of the games that are the best to play in Android and iphones.
  1. Angry Birds:- This game got the best game of the year and the best application of the year which was    announced few weeks ago. Its very interesting and I know everyone likes this game. Moreover Angry birds can be played in Windows and Linux OS pc. You can get the .exe extension for windows and debian file for Linux.
  2. Paper Toss:- Paper is the another game which is the best one. Its funny and everyone can play it easily and can have a time pass easily.
  3. Labyrinth:- This game is in motion sensor and needs your concentration and nice game.
  4. Ant Smasher
  5. Ninjump and Ninja Fruit 
  6. GTA China Town Wars,etc
 Moreover you can get the list of best applications of Android in the best of this site.

                                                    Hope this helps...........Enjoy
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